Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does BookNU work?

First, it’s not hard to understand. We’ve got you covered in two aspects, #1 When you have books to exchange and #2 When you don’t have books to exchange but would like to get books on rent.

How do I exchange books?

We don’t act like barter system. Instead, if you’ve got books lying around, then send those books to us by by scheduling a free home pickup, for which you need to go here. Fill up the form and we’ll revert back to you in 24 hours. After we successfully pickup the books from your home, we’ll add points in your account equivalent to the price of books that you’ve given us. Now, you can use these points and get any other book from our store for one whole month (if premium user) or for 2 weeks (if free user).

How do I rent books?

If you simply want to get some books on rent from our store at cheap rates, then all you need to do is to add books that you want in your cart and while checking out, choose the COD payment option and apply the coupon code “RENT” to get 70% off, and then simply place the order and pay when books are delivered. If you’re a free user, then you can keep books for 7 days or if you are premium user then you can keep books for 1 month.

I want to rent books but the price is very high!

Make sure that you are using the coupon code “RENT” which instantly gives you 70% off. This coupon should not be used when paying with points. Doing so will result in order cancellation and no points will be reimbursed.

Who will pick back the book after my time period gets over?

Don’t worry, we’ll inform you 2 days before your last date. We’ll also call you before the pickup takes place. Moreover, you can help us by dropping the book yourself at any of our Drop-off Centre.

How may I help/collaborate with BookNU?

First of all, thanks a lot for thinking about helping us. We’re high school students and have been doing our best to provide our service to you. If you think you can help us, then send a mail to and let us know about you. We’ll respond within 12 hours.