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Got Old Books?

Every year, school sessions end and a lot of new books are purchased while the old ones are discarded. Till now, there wasn’t a very effective method. You can give it away to a rag picker for a few bucks or maybe pass it on to someone (but that’s bit of a pain).
We came up with an idea, how about you give those old books to us and we make sure to deliver them to the person who needs it the most. And the best audience for this are the poor students who can barely afford to purchase school books. We not only take scholastic books, we also accept every genre of book because they all have something new to offer.
You can donate your books by clicking here, it won’t cost you a single penny!

Soon, we ran into a problem!

We started getting huge response and we had hundreds of books of the same type. This gave us an idea to start a book exchange platform where anyone can give their old books and take any book from our store for free and ultimately we could put those ‘extra’ books to a nice use.
Read below to learn more about it and in all of this, we’re not making any money for ourselves.

Earn points by sending old books!

Send us your used old books and we’ll credit your account with points equivalent to the M.R.P printed on those Books.

Later, you can use those points anytime to get any other book for free on rent.


Have points? Spend them to get Books for free!

All the books that our customers like you send to us, are listed on our store and you can use your points to get any of the available book on rent for 1 month. After a month, we’ll pick it up back from you.

You can use more points to re-rent the book. In case, you don’t have enough points, then simply use COD feature and we’ll take money from you on delivery.

Free pickup services are available only in Mumbai, Varanasi and Bareilly region. For every other city, we don’t provide any pickup service (we’re looking forward to expand, so if you can help us then drop a mail at hello@booknu.in).